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Curriculum Vitae

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Current Position: Managing Editor of Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, in partnership with

Thematic focus areas: Politics and society in Turkey and the Arab World; migration and development; diaspora; identity politics; migration management and policy; nationalism; discourse and media studies.

Geographic focus areas: Turkey, the Arab World (esp. the Mashreq) and their interactions with Europe and the United States.

Research methods and methodologies include: Reflexive and interpretive methodologies (discourse & media analysis; interviewing); computer-automated data collection and content analysis; information and multimedia technologies.

Professional Experience

Managing Editor
Beyond Trafficking and Slavery | 2014 to present

  • Serve as primary point of contact for a nine-person team spread across several countries.
  • Manage and execute the entire publication workflow, including editing, post-processing, and publishing all articles in the section.
  • Maintain the technical side of the section using a cloud-based content management system.
  • Develop and maintain the section’s publicity and social media presence.


Council on International Educational Exchange (Amman, Jordan) | 2015

  • Convene the following courses:
    • The Middle East in Alternative Perspectives
    • The Politics of Development in the Middle East
  • Design syllabi appropriate for small classes of American undergraduates in a foreign setting
  • Lecture on class topics before moderate classroom discussions in 2.5 hour, weekly seminars
  • Supervise and grade bi-termly essay exams and otherwise administer the courses
  • Consult with students during office hours on course topics and draft essay assignments


Research Associate
Migration Studies Centre, European University Institute (Florence, Italy) | 2014

  • Research and produce mid-length policy analyses on Syrian refugees and other regional issues
  • Compile and maintain datasets on Syrian refugees, response measures and humanitarian aid
  • Translate scientific research papers produced at MPC into accessible policy materials
  • Collaborate with MPC researchers on joint projects regarding the Euro-Mediterranean area


Independent Consultant
to Tana for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark | 2013

  • Survey and analyse private and public reports on Syrian refugee policies and livelihoods
  • Collate and compare data across the research team
  • Contribute to the preparation of project reports



English (native) • Turkish (advanced) • Arabic (advanced MSA) • German (intermediate)



D.Phil in Development Studies
University of Oxford (2009–2014)

Supervisors: Prof. Robin Cohen and Dr. Hein de Haas
Thesis Title: Competitive Identity Formation in the Turkish Diaspora

The thesis examines the politics of narrative control, and how it relates to the formation of diasporic consciousness among Turkish migrants in the United States and Germany. Its primary case study examines the roots, motivations and activities of Turkish-American activists in Washington, D.C. in the context of their opposition to official recognition of the WWI-era massacre and deportation of Ottoman-Armenians as the ‘Armenian genocide’. Its secondary case study examines Turkish state policies and rhetoric directed toward the Turkish migrant population in Germany. It looks at the evolution of Turkish overseas citizenship and voting rights, and analyses speeches by two of Turkey’s top politicians, demonstrating how they seek to feed and shape Turkish diasporic consciousness.

Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies
University of Texas at Austin | (2006–2009)


Bachelor of Arts with distinction in Journalism
Indiana University Bloomington | 2002–2006